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Dr. Serrano performs St. Joseph’s 1000th Robotic Surgery

Congratulations to Dr. Evelyn Serrano MD, who recently completed the 1000th robotic surgery at St. Jospeh’s Woman’s Hospital in Tampa. Dr. Serrano and her talented team use the latest robotic technology to perform minimally invasive surgery.  Robotic surgery results in many benefits to the patient including less post-surgical pain, lower probability of infection and shorter recovery


Women Serving Women, For All Life’s Stages!

Did you know The Woman’s Group of Tampa is a practice of all women physicians? Combining personalized care and a welcoming environment, The Woman’s Group offers expert medical services for every stage of womanhood. Founded in 1998, The Woman’s Group was envisioned as a practice where women would care for women with uncompromising compassion and


The Woman’s Group Featured in Osprey Observer

The Woman’s Group Offers State Of The Art Patient Care Original Author: Libby Hopkins, Osprey Observer The Woman’s Group was founded in 1998 with the mission to provide high-quality obstetrics and gynecological care while educating patients in a compassionate and personable manner. This mission has led the group to be selected the best OB-GYN practice