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Top Five Menopause Myths

The Top Five Menopause Myths Myth #1: Menopause begins at 50. Menopause begins at 50…or at 42…or 36…or 56. It really is different for every woman. The average woman begins menopause at 51, but you may start your transition anywhere from your 30’s to your 50’s. Menopause is technically defined as the absence of a


Are Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Supplements Right For You?

The Woman’s Group physicians can talk with you about the right pharmaceutical grade supplements to improve your overall health. When it comes to nutritional supplements, the quality of ingredients, the formulation and the particle size are all key factors. The Woman’s Group doctors have researched pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplement products and have found two brands that


FemiLift for Vaginal Rejuvenation; as Seen on The Doctors

With a groundbreaking new non-invasive laser option, women can reduce incontinence and increase sexual pleasure with an in-office FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation procedure, at The Woman’s Group. FemiLift has now been featured in a television segment of The Doctors!  After childbirth and also during the normal aging process, many women experience some changes in the vaginal


What You Should Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy – By Dr. J. Sanchez

In the wake of the Women’s Health Initiative 2002, many women and health experts continue to struggle with hormone replacement therapy.  The trial was stopped early in 2002, because hormone users had a higher risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and blood clots.  Though the added risks were small, many women and their physicians