Doctor Talks

Our doctors talk candidly on specific topics

OBGYN Doctor Talks Videos

The Woman’s Group presents our ‘Doctor Talks’ series of videos covering topics, conditions, and procedures commonly asked about by our patients.

Please make an appointment to discuss your personal situations, healthcare, or any health concerns with your trusted physician.

Gynecologic Topics

Dr. Sharon Ingram on Embrace Scar Treatment

Dr. Sasha Gourgue on Pap Smear Guidelines

Dr. Judith Barreiro on the Colposcopy Procedure

Dr. Irene Wahba on The Leep Procedure

Dr. Michelle Ranes on When a Young Woman Should See a Gynecologist

Dr. Jessica Greer on Cancer Screening

Dr. Astrid Mondaca on the HPV Vaccine

Dr. Janeen Alidina on STD Testing

Dr. Carolina Hernandez on PCOS

Dr. Carmen Peden discusses The Pelvic Floor

Dr. Madelyn Butler on Endometriosis

Dr. Sara Veiga on Uterine Fibroids

Dr. Catherine Roush on Endometrial Ablation

Dr. Jennifer Sanchez Russell on Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives

Dr. Deborah Cohen on Laparoscopic Tubal Sterilization

Dr. Evelyn Serrano on Hysterectomy

Obstetrics Topics

Dr. Rakhsita Malhotra on Back Pain In Pregnancy

Dr. Pamela Twitty on Signs of Labor

Dr. Karolina Borodo on Vaccines In Pregnancy

Dr. Eva Crooke on Group 'B' Strep

Dr. Stephanie Trexler on Non Invasive Prenatal Testing

Dr. Sharon Ingram on Embrace Scar Treatment