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We deliver more than expected

We know obstetrics. The emotional and physical health of the mother has much to do with the overall-satisfaction in the birth experience and ultimately – the health of her baby.

For mothers facing high-risk pregnancies, we provide access to our doctors and nurses 24 hours a day. High risk pregnancies may be due to multiple gestations, maternal hypertension, diabetes and/or other complications. In such cases, we deliver at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital. This premier facility includes neonatal intensive care units.

For low risk or uncomplicated deliveries after 36 weeks of gestation, we also deliver at St. Joseph’s North and St. Joseph’s South Hospitals. Childbirth education class and lactation consultation are among the many services offered to our Obstetrics patients. We know you’ll appreciate our comprehensive support during and after your pregnancy. Take a moment to enjoy a virtual tour of the St. Joseph’s South hospital Labor & Delivery unit on our ‘Your Delivery’ page.

For all our Obstetrics patients, we recommend rotating your obstetrical-check appointments among the different practitioners in the office. This will enable you to meet the majority of the doctors who may be on call on your delivery date and during your hospital stay. We recognize the importance of confidence during your delivery and this will help you get to know as many members of our clinical staff as possible. Providing high quality and compassionate care is our passion. We look at all possible factors that may affect your experience in bringing your new bundle-of-joy to the world!

For Obstetrics patients pending a transfer in: Please note that our policies and procedures for OB patients transferring-in do require us to have all the previous medical records and a new patient appointment to assess all the details before we can accept or deny the transfer. The safety of our patients is our highest priority. Since gaining your records from another practice can take time, your assistance with this early in the process is appreciated and helpful. We will do our best to move your process along.

We value the opportunity to share in the time leading up to and including the birth of your baby.  The Woman’s Group is honored to care for you during this memorable time of your life.

The following is a video using simulation technology to explain the miracle of life. This video shows the development of the baby in the womb and up to birth.


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