Tips to Make Your 4D Ultrasound Experience Even Better

4D Ultrasound in Tampa at The Woman's Group OBGYN Obstetrics & Gynecology

Did you know The Woman’s Group OBGYN is an all woman staffed physicians’ group offering the latest in 4D ultrasound technology in Tampa?

Waiting ten months to see your little one’s adorable face and features can feel like an eternity!

At The Woman’s Group, we understand! The standard 2D sonogram images of your baby’s profile, face, and body shape are great and so much fun to see, but looking at 4D ultrasound results are amazing! 4D allows such a detailed look, many moms are opting for this wonderful and heartwarming addition to their pregnancy program.

As you think of getting a 4D ultrasound, you may want to consider that all Obstetrics and Gynecology offices aren’t equipped with the upgraded technology that true 4D ultrasounds require. The Woman’s Group is proud to offer our patients the latest in 4D ultrasound in a comforting and pleasing environment.

We offer 2 types of 4D Ultrasound sessions. A “Visions Sneak Peek 4D Ultrasound” session where mom and guests may enjoy listening to baby’s heartbeat and viewing an in-depth image of baby and our most popular “Visions 4D Ultrasound Single Star Keepsake” session which captures the video and images of the session as a keepsake.

All of our Visions 4D ultrasound sessions are fun, easy, enjoyable and priceless in meaning. Our Single Star Keepsake package allows you to keep the video and images of your session which can be shared with friends and family and, if you like, post on your Facebook page, too!

Our Obstetrics patients have access to a coupon for the Single Star Keepsake package here:
The Woman’s Group 4D Ultrasound Keepsake Session Coupon

For the best Ultrasound experience possible, here are some suggestions for mothers-to-be:

1.  Know Who is Scanning You
Believe it or not, in many states you do NOT have to have any medical training to perform 4D ultrasounds. When choosing The Woman’s Group, you know that you are getting certified and trained professionals. This gives you peace of mind. You’ll appreciate this more than you may think once you arrive for your appointment. Whether we are performing routine sonograms or our latest Vision 4D Ultrasound experience, you’ll be in caring, professional hands every step of the way.

2. The Best Time for Your 4D Ultrasound
If you plan on having only one 4D ultrasound session, we suggest that you schedule it between the 28th and 32nd week of your pregnancy. Good images of your baby can be obtained anytime after 24 weeks of pregnancy. Many mothers obtain more than one 4D ultrasound and have images to enjoy from their second and third trimesters.

3. Drink Plenty of Fluids
Drink plenty of fluids in the days leading up to your ultrasound. This may increase your amniotic fluid level, which can help to improve image quality. If you are not diabetic, plan to have a glass of fruit juice on the morning before your ultrasound. Natural sugars in juice encourage a longer active period, which is ideal for capturing moving images of your baby.

4. Eat Before Your Appointment
You should eat a light meal about 45 minutes prior to your appointment time. A small snack (salad, fruit, cheese, crackers, etc.) will encourage more activity during our session.

5. Wear Loose Clothing
During your 4D Ultrasound session, you will need to lower your pants to your hips. To make this adjustment the most comfortable for you, be sure to wear loose clothing to allow for easy movement. Since ultrasounds can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, its best to prepare for your comfort.

Most importantly enjoy yourself! It’s an experience you’ll cherish for years to come.

We look forward to being part of such a unique experience with you!
Give us a call to schedule or ask questions, today!

Learn More About the Visions 4D Ultrasound Experience and Access the Visions 4D Consent Form Here.