Eva Crooke, M.D. Becomes Hillsborough County Medical Association President

The Woman’s Group is proud to announce the inauguration of our very own talented physician, Dr. Eva Crooke, as the 119th Hillsborough County Medical Association President!

Dr Eva Crook is sworn in as 119th HCMA President

We are so honored to have her on our team and celebrate her leadership and commitment to making forward progress for the field of Medicine in Hillsborough County.
Dr Eva Crook accepts position as 119th HCMA President

We congratulate Dr. Crooke on her well-deserved achievement!

Dr Eva Crook is 119th HCMA President

The Woman’s Group physicians were there in support and to celebrate!

TWG physicians Dr Cohen Dr Stewart Dr Serrano at HCMA 119th Presidential Inauguration
Dr. Cohen, Dr. Stewart, and Dr. Serrano

TWG physicians Dr Gourgue Dr Malhotra at HCMA 119th Presidential Inauguration
Dr. Gourgue and Dr. Malhotra

TWG physicians celebrating Dr Eva Crooke's inauguration as HCMA 119th PresidentDr. Stewart, Dr. Alidina, Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Roush, Dr. Barreiro, Dr. Crooke, Dr. Butler, Dr. Wahba, Dr. Borodo, Dr. Peden, Dr. Polender, and Dr. Twitty

Congratulations Dr. Crooke!