The Woman’s Group Attends ‘Know Tampa’ Event

A Group of The Woman’s Group Doctors Enjoy the ‘Know Tampa’ Networking Event on October 13, 2018.

The Woman’s Group is an all women run OBGYN practice in Tampa providing obstetrics, gynecology, aesthetics, and weight loss services to the women of Tampa for over 20 years.

The ‘Know Tampa Tribe’ is a networking group in Tampa with a focus on uplifting and supporting women in business.

Attendees and members span diverse backgrounds, careers, and entrepreneurial paths, but have in common drive, passion, and the ‘Know Tampa Tribe’ sisterhood!

If you are a woman in Tampa who would like to know more about The ‘Know Tampa Tribe’, check out their website here:

Please enjoy these pictures of the networking event celebrating and uplifting women in business! Event photographer, Meg Dreyfus, Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer captured these beautiful photos!