Single Site Hysterectomy; Ob/Gyn Robotic Surgeons at The Woman’s Group, Tampa

The Woman’s Group now has four doctors offering single-site Hysterectomy; Ob/Gyn robotic surgery in Tampa.

We welcome and applaud another of our own Ob/Gyn doctors, Dr. Evelyn Serrano, into our growing group of doctors trained and certified in the newest minimally invasive surgical technology. Single-site Ob/Gyn robotic surgery enables one incision at the umbilicus for benign hysterectomy or other pelvic surgery. Our doctors currently offering these state of the art surgeries are: Dr. Pamela Twitty, Dr. Carmen Peden, Dr. Catherine Roush, and Dr. Evelyn Serrano.

Robotic surgeries have become popular for their shorter down times and often faster healing times among both surgeons and patients. Robotic surgeries generally require 3 small incisions to perform at the surgery site. The new single-site technology takes the incredible advancement that robotic surgery offers to a single incision point for the same surgery.

The Woman’s Group is proud to continue our tradition of being on the cutting edge of new gynecological options that support better outcomes for our patients. Currently, we are one of very few Gynecology practices in the Tampa area with physicians trained in single-site robotic surgery.

While single-site hysterectomy robotic surgery is the newest treatment for benign hysterectomy, each individual patient scenario must be considered and discussed between patient and doctor. In some cases, other methods of surgery may be a better fit. Always discuss the pros and cons to each type of surgery with your trusted doctor.

You can learn more about minimally invasive surgeries here.

Congratulations to our physicians on their continued pursuit of excellence in gynecological care for our wonderful patients!

If you have questions about Hysterectomy or gynecologic robotic surgery, please make an appointment to discuss with your physician at The Woman’s Group. We are here for you!