Dr. Polender Discusses ‘We Stay At Work For You’ Social Messaging with News10

The Woman’s Group’s OBGYN, Dr. Allison Polender, discusses the social message that healthcare workers want the public to understand with Sarah Rosario of 10News in Tampa; ‘We Stay At Work For You, You Stay At Home For Us’.

‘I stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us:’ Health care workers plead to the public

Author: Sarah Rosario
Published: 3:55 PM EDT April 1, 2020
Updated: 4:04 PM EDT April 1, 2020

TAMPA, Fla. — A trending hashtag and posts among workers in the medical field are more than just popping up on social media feeds. 10News sat down with Dr. Allison Polender with The Woman’s Group, who explains:

“The social media campaign, ‘We work for you, please stay at home for us,’ got started because one of the major problems with the COVID-19 epidemic is not having enough healthcare providers to care for people who are acutely ill. If we start to get sick, then there won’t be anyone in the hospital to take care of those who need our help,” Polender said.

As the cases of coronavirus continue to rise, front line workers across the country are continually put at risk. According to the CDC, a person infected with COVID-19 will likely spread it to at least two other people.

Polender says they don’t take any chances at The Woman’s Group.

“Anyone who is in direct patient contact has a mask on. We wear gloves for the entire office visit,” she said. “We wash our hands for 20 seconds at the beginning and end of each visit.”

As part of their safety precautions, Polender says they’ve had to turn away patients exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

“We do temperature screenings at the door of our office. We’ve turned away several asymptomatic patients who have a fever of 101. Yet here they are out in the community,” Polender said.

If you think you have COVID-19 symptoms, the CDC says the best thing to do is stay home. Many people can recover on their own. If you’re having trouble breathing or must see a doctor, call ahead.

This will help the office protect themselves and others before your arrival.


Original Full Article and Video may be found on the 10News website at this link: https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/we-stay-at-work-for-you-please-stay-at-home-for-us-healthcare-unit-launching-a-social-media-campaign-begging-people-to-stay-home/67-655734f9-3263-4176-9772-1eec25d65f57