Discussing The American Maternal Mortality Rate

The Woman’s Group Drs. Discuss Maternal Mortality; Black and Hispanic Americans Disproportionately at Risk

Reporter JJ Burton, of ABC Action News in Tampa, video interviews Drs. Sharon Ingram and Carolina Hernandez of The Woman’s Group OBGYN on the subject of maternal mortality and infant mortality, what it means, who it affects, and how mothers can take the proper care before, during, and after pregnancy to reduce their risks. These video interviews are excellent and deeply informative.

On the very personal subject of Infant Mortality and the risks for black babies, Dr. Ingram was also featured in the following Good Morning America article discussing the loss of her 4 month old son, A.J., who passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) while she was in medical school. Her brave and sincere account is a reminder to all of us just how serious this subject is for women, and women of color, especially. Read the Good Morning America article on Maternal and Infant Mortality Rate Risks for Black Babies here. 

This information is vital for prospective mothers. Maternal mortality and infant mortality risks tend to take a backseat to the hope and joy mothers lean into during their pregnancies. While this is completely understandable, we need to acknowledge and address the risks for mom and baby. Women in the U.S. (and particularly Black and Hispanic women) are at a growing and staggering risk for loss of life during their pregnancies and even throughout the first year of baby’s life for the baby. More discussion and awareness on this subject are desperately needed in our homes, offices, friend groups, and places of worship.

Please take the time to watch and listen to these video discussions and share your findings with friends and family who may benefit. Always reach out to your primary care doctor or your OBGYN with any concerns or questions regarding your personal and unique conditions. As the CDC reports, our maternal mortality rate is continuing to rise in the United States each year. We all must make it a priority to become and stay informed. Finding the knowledge, gaining understanding, then planning to take the suggested action(s) to mitigate any risks mom and baby may have during pregnancy are extremely important factors in the positive outcomes we all expect and want.

Dr. Sharon Ingram on Maternal Mortality and Disproportionately Affected Black Americans


Dr. Carolina Hernandez on Maternal Health and Hispanic Americans Maternal Mortality Rate

All credits go to ABC Action News Tampa for the video interview discussions with reporter, JJ Burton.

In addition, the aired news segment video and full written article can be found at this link:


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Thank you for your time and considerate thought on this tragic subject. You are now armed with the knowledge that someone you know or love may need in order to have a successful pregnancy and first year of life with their treasured baby…

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