Which Medications are Safe during Pregnancy?

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Which Medications Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnant and concerned about which over-the-counter medications are safe for you?

When you’re pregnant, treating a simple ailment can seem complicated. While you may be tempted to reach for the medications you used before your pregnancy, it’s safer to check with the doctor first. There are many medications that are safe to take when you’re expecting, but there some which should be avoided.

In general, it’s best to avoid any unnecessary medications early in your pregnancy. During the first trimester, fetal organs develop quickly, making them vulnerable to the potential risks of some drugs. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through illness or pain without assistance. If you need medication, there are over-the-counter and prescription drugs that have been shown safe to take. When you meet with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy, ask what medications are recommended for your specific needs. Your doctor will help to weigh the risks and benefits of specific medications and your condition.

Don’t forgot tell your doctor about any alternative remedies or supplements you currently take or want to take. Even if the label says “natural” or “organic,” it is important to discuss this with your physician. And if you are prescribed any new medications from another care giver while you’re pregnant, make sure your doctor is aware before you begin taking anything new. During pregnancy, it’s important that all your medical providers work together to assure the best outcome for your pregnancy.

So what medications are safe to take during pregnancy?

The most important and safest medication to take during your pregnancy is your prenatal vitamin. While eating a healthy diet is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need, prenatal vitamins are a safe way to fill any nutritional gaps. Your doctor can answer your questions about the safety of taking other vitamins, herbal remedies or other supplements.

The doctors at The Woman’s Group have compiled a list of medications that are safe to take during pregnancy. Unless your doctor has advised you to the contrary, you may use the medications on the following list for the conditions specified:

The Woman’s Group Approved Medication List for OB Patients