Full Bloom Aesthetics Fair, May 12th 2017 at The Woman’s Group in Tampa

The Woman's Group Tampa-Aesthetics Fair-Botox-Juvaderm-Obagi

Join Us for our annual Aesthetics Fair at The Woman’s Group!

Administered by our staff of highly skilled practitioners, Aesthetic Services are available in the comfort and privacy of our medical offices.

We will offer amazing promotions on our most popular aesthetics services during this once-a-year-event. Here are just a few items that will be featured at our South Tampa Office on May 12th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

OBAGI SKINCARE:  1 raffle ticket for every product purchased

  1. First 6 people that reserve their place with a $99 nonrefundable fee will meet with an Obagi expert that is bringing a camera which shows sun damage on the face.  Those people will also get the Obagi Blue Peel right then and the $99 fee they paid to hold their place will be applied to $99 worth of Obagi products.
  2. 25% off full size and travel kits
  3. Mother’s Day bags- Elastiderm Eye Cream and Hydrate included- $130
  4. Buy 2 products = 15% off
  5. Buy 3 products = 20% off
  6. Buy 4 or more = 25% off
  7. Raffle ticket winner- Basket of goodies

ALLERGAN, VARIOUS SERVICES: 1 raffle ticket for every $200 spent

  1. Botox $10 per unit OR Buy 20 units = 5 Free
  2. Juvederm $475 per syringe
  3. Voluma $650 per syringe
  4. Raffle ticket winner- FREE Botox for 1 year (up to 200 units)

WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: 1 raffle ticket for every purchase

  1. Initial visit $75
  2. Raffle ticket winner- FREE weight loss shake (will give out samples @ fair)

NUTRAMETRIX VITAMINS:  1 raffle ticket per purchased product

  1. 10% off all products (will give away samples of vitamins)
  2. Raffle ticket winner- 30 day Optimal blend

PELVIC FLOOR TREATMENTS: We will have information on these services.

FEMILIFT: Kegel weight set with each purchase

  1. $899 Fair price for 3 sessions- $250 deposit

REVISION SKINCARE: 1 raffle ticket per product purchased

  1. 15% off all products
  2. Raffle ticket winner- Basket of goodies

RSVP to reserve your spot today! Plan to be there on May 12th!

And find out more about our aesthetic services at The Woman’s Group, give us a call at (813) 875-8032.

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