Tampa Physician Guided Weight Loss Program

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Weight Loss Program

Healthy, achievable goals you can feel good about

Looking for a healthful way to lose weight with proven long-term results? At The Woman’s Group, our physician-guided Weight Loss Program includes:

Phase I
Evaluation & Fast Weight Loss: First Visit: We record your initial weight and body fat percentage, check blood pressure, conduct EKG and run blood tests. We explain the program in detail and give you the first supplement injection, one week’s dose of appetite suppressant medication, an initial supply of pill-form supplements and ketone sensing strips. Second Visit: We will record your weight and fat percentage and inform you of your progress. We will discuss the results of the laboratory tests and answer any questions. You are likely to achieve a significant drop in weight at this point if you have followed the program. We will give you the supplement injection and one week’s dose of appetite suppressants.

Phase II
Continued Weight Loss: You will remain in this phase of the program until you reach your desired goal weight. At each visit, we will record your weight and body fat percentage, inform you of progress and answer any questions. We will give you the supplement injection and one week’s dose of appetite suppressants.

Phase III
Maintenance: As soon as you attain your goal weight, or you decide that you have reached your ideal weight, you will go into maintenance. At this time, we will update your diet guidelines to increase your food intake and gradually cut the dosage of the appetite suppressing medication. During this process, you will continue your weekly visits. As soon as you are off of the medication, you will drop your visits to once per month for six months to ensure that your maintenance plan is working. During this period, we will continue to check your weight and fat percentage and give you supplement shots when you come to the office. During this time, we encourage you to continue taking the pill-form supplements.

Weight Loss Program Fees:

Initial consultation and assessment: $200
(Includes all tests, medication for first week, weekly shot and initial supply of supplements)

Follow-up visits (per visit): $60
(Includes medication for the week and weekly shot. Supplements are priced separately. Weight Loss is not covered by insurance companies, therefore our patients are responsible for all program fees. All fees are due at the time of service.)

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