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Nutritional Supplements

Vitalization from within

Patients today are looking for wellness and quality of life.

Fast-paced lifestyles often lead to less than perfect diets and chronically stressful lives. At The Womans’ Group we are focused on keeping our patients healthy and have therefore included in our product portfolio a family of nutritional supplements from a trusted source.

nutraMetrix™ Products

The physicians at The Woman’s Group have worked with nutraMetrix™ to customize a general purpose nutraceutical blend specifically targeted to the needs of most women.  Patients that take these products report higher sense of well-being, more energy, fewer allergic reactions and fewer colds.

The nutraMetrix™ products are exceptional high quality nutraceuticals developed using  cutting-edge technology.  The molecular structure of these products allows the body to absorb them faster and more effectively than over-the-counter equivalents.

Isotonix®Optimal Blend – Exclusive to The Woman’s Group, this blend includes OPC-3 and Calcium, providing 100% of the recommended daily values of essential vitamins and minerals to complement your diet.

Isotonix®OPC-3 – Powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger to support the immune system. Promotes cardiovascular and joint health, healthful cholesterol and blood sugar levels and improves auto-immune function, allergies and inflammation.

You may order your supply of nutraMetrix™ on-line by accessing

TLS Weight Loss Nutritional Shakes

Patients participating in our physician-guided weight loss program may choose to utilize these great tasting and nutritionally complete weight-loss meal shakes. These shakes are available at all office locations in two great flavors; chocolate delight and creamy vanilla.

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